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Perfect ‘Hard boiled’ eggs in pressure cooker

‘Hard boiled’ (pressure steamed) eggs were the first things I ever made in my pressure cooker. I love it — they come out perfect every time and delightfully easy to peel! Look at the shell in the above picture–It came apart so easily that most of it is still in one piece!

Now I actually never thought about writing this recipe down since it’s so easy to remember but then today I had to make some eggs to pack for lunch tomorrow and suddenly, I realized that I wasn’t so sure whether I should put the setting to high or low pressure. So my next thought was to sit down and write this recipe down!

What I really love about pressure steaming eggs is that I can set it the pressure cooker and walk away. No more rushing to the stove to turn it off when the timer goes off or fiddling with the hot pot of water — all when my daughter wants my attention at that very same exact minute. Now even if the eggs sit in the pressure cooker after it’s done, I can just take it out whenever it’s most convenient for me.

This is how I place my eggs in the pressure cooker. Directly on a trivet. If you have a steamer basket, by all means! Now in HipPressureCooking, it is recommended that each egg be placed on a ‘stand’ — metal bottle caps, etc so that it won’t fall over or roll around. But I’ve never had a problem placing the eggs like the above.  I use an electric pressure cooker so I don’t move it around once the eggs are placed in.

Perfect ‘Hard boiled’ eggs in pressure cooker

source: HipPressureCooking

Prep time: 2min                                    Cook time: about 15 min                   <View/print recipe only>


  1. Pour 1 cup of water into pressure cooker (or minimum water required for your pressure cooker).
  2. Place trivet and then eggs on the trivet in pressure cooker. Close and lock pressure cooker.
  3. Set to LOW pressure and set cooking time for 6 minutes.
  4. When 6 min is up, let the pressure naturally release until the pressure gauge drops, indicating that all pressure has been released and it is safe to unlock the pressure cooker.
  5. Using tongs, remove eggs and dunk in cold water. Peel eggs (oh so easy!).

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